My Freelance Content Writing Portfolio

When selecting a freelance content writer, you need to be sure they can create the kind of content you need. My extensive portfolio of freelance content writing includes various content across different niches, such as health & fitness, pets, PC Hardware & Software and much more.

My portfolio reflects how flexible I am as a writer and my research skill across niches. It features both ghostwritten pieces (shared with permission) and credited content.

What about if a Niche isn’t in the Portfolio?

I am always honest about my past experience with different niches. If my experience is limited or non-existent, you will be immediately informed after contacting me. This allows you to make the best possible choice for your business.

There are many niches I have experience with but haven’t included in my portfolio. This is due to the article being ghostwritten and not having permission to share it under my name. Despite this, my content writing portfolio is varied with multiple niches and types of articles.

The niches I have the most experience in are featured in my portfolio.

Are there Niches I Don’t Cover?

While I can cover almost any niche as part of my freelance content writing, there are some niches I typically avoid writing for. This can be due to various reasons ranging from legality to personal.

  • Hunting, Fishing and related activities that harm animals
  • Anything promoting animal product usage or consumption
  • Anything promoting discrimination or hate for specific groups
  • Celebrities and Gossip

I am always upfront about the niches I cannot cover for whatever reason. This includes if you are looking for a content writer with a lot of personal experience in a certain niche. When working with me, you can be assured that I will not begin the work until you are sure I’m the correct writer for the job.

More information about my expertise can be found here.