Services and Rates

I write professional, high-quality content for a clear, fixed fee. This means my pricing is fully inclusive, with no hidden fees to eat into your budget. My content writing rates are fully transparent, so there are never any surprises when working with me.

When comparing freelancer rates, it’s important to consider the overall value of the content alongside the cost. My freelance content writing prices reflect what my expertise can offer you and your business.

Take a look at my freelance content writing portfolio here.

Professional Freelance Content Writing Rates

Keeping a flat rate makes it simple and consistent for every project. I prefer to keep my fees relatively low and the terms straightforward. Getting good content shouldn’t kill your profits.

My pricing starts from £0.06 per word.

Writing great content is a skill that combines experience, judgement, psychology, art and science. My talent for writing is a bonus!

How do you know how much to write?

Experience plays a big role in this.

After getting all the details about your needs and requirements, I can estimate how long the project will take and the approximate word count. Obviously, this is not always perfect!

Content can come out longer or shorter than planned. Unlike some writers, I don’t add unnecessary filler content to bulk out the word count.

You only pay for the final word count. If it ends up shorter than expected, you’ll only be charged less than expected.

Have an approximate word count or specific minimum word count? I will base the initial price guideline around this.

Freelance Content Writing Services included in my fixed-fee pricing

All of the below services are included in my freelance content writing rates.

Understanding your needs and requirements

  • Learning about your business, products, services, target audience and more.
  • Speaking via email to discuss what you need and want from the content.
  • Reviewing content briefing notes that you provide.
  • Following your brand style guide, reasonable instructions and other relevant details.

SEO Content

  • Firstly, writing unique and original content that will interest your readers.
  • Secondly, using your keyword and short key phrases in a natural way.
  • Including relevant internal links to other resources on your website.
  • Only using relevant external links to non-competitive external websites.
  • Following the best freelance writing SEO practices to rank your website.

Detailed research and writing expertise

  • Carrying out extensive online research to write with credibility.
  • Using my expertise across various niches in addition to my research skills.
  • Including relevant quotes, statistics and links for additional context and authority.
  • Utilizing my 7+ years of freelance content writing skills and abilities.

Communication, Collaboration and Feedback

  • Regular and proactive communication with you via email to clarify the project status.
  • Collaborating with you via email and Google Docs as needed.
  • Providing you with the current Work-in-Progress of the piece on request.
  • Completing up to three rounds of reviews and amendments.
  • Responding to emails and questions promptly.
  • Asking questions about the work for clarification so that nothing is missed.

Writing engaging content to build consumer trust

  • Explaining your services and products to solve the consumers’ problems.
  • Writing with your audience in mind and with attention to detail.
  • Useful and descriptive headings so your consumers can find what they need.
  • Lists and short paragraphs so that the content is easy to read.
  • Sharing knowledge and helpful information to make the content worth reading.

Project Management

  • Tracking your instructions and deadlines to deliver quality in good time.
  • Using your content management and project management tools.
  • Providing regular status updates as needed.
  • Emails to confirm receipt of work, return of completed work and more on request.

Invoicing and payments for my freelance content writing services

Here’s everything you need to know about how the invoices and payments regarding my work. This should clear up any questions you may have. On the condition that it doesn’t, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

  • Invoices are issued from Clare Godwin Freelance via PayPal.
  • Each piece of work is itemized and individually priced on the invoice. This makes it clear what you’re paying for.
  • The invoice will be sent out shortly after the price is finalised.
  • My invoices are for payment within 30 days allowing for partial payment when there is more than one item.
  • While not normally needed, a deposit is required for especially large pieces of work or the first time we work together.

Please contact me to discuss any projects