Freelance Content Writing Expertise

You need a professional content writing expert to provide you with first-rate content. This calls for someone who can write well-researched, high-quality irresistible content to attract your target audience. Someone capable of gaining readers’ trust and explaining everything that needs to be said without boring readers to death. At the same time, they need to be an SEO content writer.

I’m a content writing expert with extensive experience across different niches. This means I’m an efficient researcher who can work in almost any niche.

Learn more about my expertise, accomplishments and qualifications below.

Freelance Content Writing Expertise

I have previously worked with many companies to provide credited and uncredited freelance content. This includes news articles, long-form features, guides, how-to pieces and much more.

Making what seems to be a confusing subject easy to understand is one of my specialities. One of my regular clients is National Online Safety, where I simplify software so parents can make informed choices for their young children.

Researching and writing about tricky subject matters is something I am experienced with. Having previous experience as a video game journalist means that I leave no stone unturned when seeking information. This regularly comes in useful as a freelance content writer. It was especially useful when working with Spider Advice on topics with limited scientific research; did you know that Tarantulas have emotions?

My Skill Set Includes

  • Professional Content Writing
  • Research
  • Journalism and Investigation
  • Book Writing
  • Non-fiction content
  • Fiction
  • SEO content writing
  • Editing
  • Team & Content Management
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Marketing

My Other Work Expertise

While I am an SEO content writer, I also have expertise in other areas. I’ve always worked as a writer, but I’ve also been involved in other areas of work and different projects.

Here’s a little bit about what else I’ve worked on outside of freelance content writing:

  • I have a Diploma of Higher Education in Applied Criminology
  • Previously studied Psychology, Information Technology & Computers, Media Studies and Biology
  • Earned money as a competitive gamer in esports
  • Was the Marketing Director of the TaYouth Foundation
  • Director of HL Productions (Current)

Current Side Projects

I’m quite invested in several side projects, which have helped develop my expertise in various areas. This also means I am uniquely certified in some niches because I have already spent hundreds of hours researching them. My side projects are for fun and to strengthen my skills further.

  • Planning and development of a choice-based adventure video game using Twine

This is my largest and main side project right now. It’s a very simple game, but I expect to have written over 20,000 words for it when it is complete. The project includes storytelling, research, coding, debugging, multiple playtests and more. It’s unlikely to ever be sold for money since that was not the goal when starting the project.

  • Gardening (Vegetables and fruit mostly)
  • Health & Fitness (Through nutrition and weight lifting)
  • Non-Fiction book series about video games (on hiatus)